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11-30-2012, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by aestu View Post
No on all counts.

The aerospace industry is "growing" only because of spending on weapons. It is not growing more competitive, there has been a string of consolidations in recent decades. There won't be a 'space race' because of corporate greed, and there isn't any money in going to Mars, at least not in the timeframe corps are interested in.

Like I said, if they can't even get satelites in orbit as well as the USA/USSR did 60 years ago, what makes you think he'll be able to get 80k people to Mars?

This is just a case of a failed braggart making bigger boasts to keep his audience.
Ahhh wrong on all counts, i have actually done some research on this and it can be done especially if they use the VASMIR engine if it not a hoax, but there alot of websites and magazines say other wise. Wheres your proof.