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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
which brings up another point.. if a power is in use on a ship that wouldn't normally have access to that power, you know the player made a conscious choice to use the power at that point by dragging it to their power tray, thereby establishing intent.

DEM3 on a defiant.. grav well, etc.. yes.. the player does in fact know better as you just eluded to.

A simple scan of the database would prove that intent if a power that a ship should never have active is actually used.. that stuff is even in the logs. *I had a log parser going in every match to see who was exploiting, and if I can determine it based on that little amount of information, then so can cryptic who has even more information than I do to examine.
Wow, someone is a little angry. And yes, I figured out how to use it, but I don't PvP, only PvE. Only followed this thread because I found it on Dev tracker. It was fun, the devs gave their blessings to play with it while we had it so of course I was going to use it. How often do you get the Devs blessings to use an exploit on a live server.
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