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11-30-2012, 06:59 PM
To bring this ship back to life it needs 4 TAC consoles, 4 Eng Consoles 2 SCI, LT CMDR Universal, LT CMDR TAC, COMMANDER ENG, LT ENG, LT SCI. and a Base turn rate of 9, and Saucer Seperation. Due to the 3rd Nacelle it should have higher power levels overall than anyother cruiser. It is the Feds only Dreadnought It needs to be the Tankiest and Tachiest Cruiser we have. I was so excited when I 1st bought it years ago and so disappointed when I flew it. The only build that sort of works on it is 4 turrets rear, 4 single cannons front. (due to the 180 fireing arch of single cannons)

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