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11-30-2012, 08:13 PM
Assuming a normal heavy buffed dhc crits is ~8 and you write you were debuffed w/apb, sensor scan, disruptor proc. W/little to no resists to disruptor damage it makes complete sense to me.

Fyi, TT clears most resist debuffs. In a premade you can get an ally to toss you one when you're debuffed that heavy and you have an open window.

EPtS w/o distributing shields or turning doesn't do you much good. TT also will distribute your shields for you.

Fyi, hazzard doffs w/BFI or ramming speed, Hazzard emmiters, APD, Aux2Sif, Polarized Hull, Engineering consoles, various skill tree catagories all boost hull resists. Even some accolades boost resists slightly.

Fyi, TSS, ES, Shield Battery, EPtS (which you used), misc shield attributes, shield power levels boost shield resists. APD reads that it should, but others have told me it doesn't. I haven't confirmed, but see know reason they would claim something falsely.

Edit: After re-reading I see you know most if not all I wrote, but I'm gonna keep it for others to learn from. Also, think what a HY Tric woulda done in that situation. My guess is over 100k.

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