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11-30-2012, 07:34 PM
No need to post a combat log... I have hit 18ks myself... I get 12-14k pretty regular like.

If you are asking if that SHOULD be normal... I don't know perhaps not... but in order to hit those numbers I have to keep my buffs rolling and frankly not be stupid about who I shot at. If someone has a TSS and Extend a hazard or other annoying heals running I ignore them.. and shoot at the person that healed them instead... doing that ya I see 10k+ all the time.

People that average lower cannon crits are either shooting at the wrong targets, or not closing gaps.

If you are saying perhaps the game has to much dmg... well it could be argued but nothing really new there... yes we are getting a +30 to weapon skill now as a passive.. along with a +3% crit... so it is possible you will be seeing these numbers more often now. Not to mention that mk xii blue dmg units are now very cheap... and even mk xii purples are not crazy for EC strapped folk.