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11-30-2012, 08:42 PM
Before i start a few things that need to be cleared up (to some users, not the devs)

1st: I know someone who managed to Make a bortas turn well enough to be equipped with cannons, and I do the same with the Galaxy X, so if you know how she can turn well enough for a cruiser, even for a cruiser using DHCs
And in case you question my wisdom:
I fly this ship since it got obtainable via the C-store so I daresay I know how to fly it efficiently.

2nd: Calling the lance fail is a bit strange considering how it can do, depending on severa factors up to 200K dmg(I admit its rare, but seen it several times already) with just two bursts. people also continue to call it being nerfed. it didn't get nerfed... They just changed the way the damage is being displayed.

Display old: 20'000
Display new: 10'000 x2

You see they just changed the display to reflect waht the lance actually does, because the damage it did on display old was also divided by 2 (therefore 10K per burst).

3rd Narcelle:
It belongs to the ship - nothing more to be said about that

As for working builds(also a pretty lore friendly one btw):

Quad Cannons, Dual Heavy Cannons, Quant Torp, PhaserBeamArray

PhaserBeamArray, QuantTorpedo, turrent, Turrent

Using this setup you are protected from all angles and still deal quite a good punch .
As forr Turning see above

What the Galaxy X really needs (a realistic view)

First of all she needs a Fleet version with a slightly different BOFF layout.
To make a realistc proposition:

Ltcmdr Tac, Lt Engineering, Cmdr Eng, Lt Sci

That would pretty much the BOFF layout I think about when I hearing the word 'dreadnought'.
Someone else has already stated a very true sentence in this thread: She is a battleship.
(A Ltcmdr Tac slot might also help some people with their turn problems )

Another thing she desperately needs is that Saucer sep we were promised, of course at the disadvanteges and advatages we were told about back then.

A thing you also at least consider is reducing the Cooldown on the lance, as ships with similar abilities like the Guramba do as much damage but have a lot less cooldown.