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11-30-2012, 08:01 PM
I had the exact same problem today. I've been excitedly waiting for my Fleet Excelsior since news broke out and bought my single fleet module immediately. After all, its my favourite ship not just in Star Trek, but in all of sci fi.

I purchased my Excelsior Retrofit the day it came out, way back in Season 2. So imagine my anxiety when the Fleet shipyard was saying I needed 5 fleet modules. Its not a matter of money, I'd gladly pay for the modules if that is the correct price. But we were told that one is all that is needed, so it was a matter of principle.

Then I remembered that 90% of the time with these things, and the Tau Dewa transwarp issue is a bit of a hint, is you need to discharge your existing Excelsior Retrofit, and claim a new one. The system would somehow then recognize that your Excelsior Retrofit was indeed a C-store purchased one (not through emblems).

Hence I was able to purchase my Fleet Excelsior and dang! She is as beautiful as ever, especially with the Fleet skin!!!

So to summarize, if you already have an existing Excelsior Retrofit, bought from the C-store:

1) Discharge it first (after removing all its gear)

2) Claim the Excelsior Retrofit in the C-store

3) Buy the Fleet Excelsior with one Fleet Module  71862

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