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11-30-2012, 09:17 PM
Just adding my support to this thread. The graphical glitches are indeed annoying and the one that grinds my gear the most are the way the Boffs hover in front of their chairs.

When I first bought the TOS Connie interior, the Boffs were sitting in their chairs properly. But over time, it just got worse, as they seem to move forward to their existing positions today.

Its such an eyesore! It shouldn't be too hard to fix, so I hope someone does take the time to look into it. Its not fair to those who have purchased it only for the product to degrade over time.

And as I suggested before, perhaps a more up to date version of the interior would also be nice to offer in the C-store. Perhaps a redress of the TOS Connie into the movie Connie, exactly same layout and all but with more up to date hallways, panels, consoles and furniture...  71862