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11-30-2012, 08:19 PM
5th time through , using the "workaround" I finally got the mission to complete.
Set all my Boffs to passive , trucked it into the 1st camp until all the mission objectives popped, then clicked off passive and bled some Tal Shiar and Hirogen into the dirt. For the 5th Kazzafargin time. And finally it completed.

We should not have to be using this "workaround" in order to make the mission work.
I for example HAD to set my Boffs to passive or I couldn't get to the point where the objectives revealed without them killing someone.

It's a lame bug with a lame workaround.

Thumbs Down.
1 Star rating if you were in the Foundry.
2 because the music on New Romulus is now cooler than ice cream.

Initial Cutscene = Thumbs Up.
Hidden Camera = Thumbs Up.
Warehouse = Thumbs Up
Second Cutscene = which you must do mountain pass to see ... Thumbs Up
Mountain Pass = Thumbs , Both Of Em, WAAAY Down

This has killed my excitement, what there was of it, surrounding New Romulus and the "story" of Season 7. It just grinds the momentum to a halt. Pretty fully. I couldn't care less anymore.

Can we has a working Foundry back now please?
Pretty Please ?