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# 1 LOOT IN STF's = BAD for HIVE
11-30-2012, 08:32 PM
OK so who was the person that wanted the loot in stfs to turn into drops?
I just finished a stf and at the end of "The hive" the cut-screen came (the one that shows the queen dieing) on while the floor was turning green (the instant kill thingy) and 4 out of 5 of our team got killed during that cut-screen, and then we had to re-spawn and we get placed behind a force-field which we cant lower because there is no way to lower it, so now after doing a 1.5 hr long stf i have no loot for it.....SO how do i get reimbursed for my time in that stf, im out of delithum now for it, didn't get my loot, didn't get my marks....DEVS???

OH and BTW why is the Borg so much harder then before? did you guys upgrade them with out telling us? I'm a sci and i used to be able to tank the queen now she 1 shots the crap outta me

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