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11-30-2012, 08:40 PM
Meh... I'm gonna name a few as I can't settle on one.

Ferengi - Sure, every show needs a money grabber. This just has a whole race. And they all have annoying voices.

Klingon - Honor this, honor that. "You lack honor filthy human!". Repetetive and annoying.

Kazon - Already mentioned. Cheap knock-off Klingons of the Delta Quadrant.

Vulcans - "You lack logic" The fact that they think they are far superior to any race, because of their "Logic" and no emotions.

Bajorans - All this religious crap just annoyed me. Emmisary this, Prophets that. Almost stopped watching DS9 because of that.

Xindi - The reptillian version. Good god! Shoot them already!

Cardassian - Dukat. He practically ruins the entire race for me.

Quite an extensive list. But there are some characters I like from each races. I.e Worf & Martok (Klingon), Spock & Tuvok (Vulcan), Kira & Bareil (Bajoran), Damar & Garak (Cardassian).