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11-30-2012, 09:40 PM
Just a thought.. fixing pvP..

why, how about arena's that have players backing up AI faction fleets against the other faction.. you can shoot other players, you can shoot AI ships...

Run continuously...

Player rewards could be a player selection choice of

Faction rewards
Fleet rewards
LOBI crystals

what ever..

if your not so good at pvP.. then go after the AI ships.. if your good at pvP go after other players..

But by all means make it a great big mugging mother of all battles...

and take a page from the STF's have a normal version, and an "elite" version..

suddenly BAM! we have a war between the feds and the KDF that means something to the players, and rewards them for taking part..

I've also always been a fan of the concept of PvP ground battles where the player wades into combat WITH thier away team... (gives players even more excuse to trick out thier away team ya know!)

As for season 8.. I'll belive there will be KDF content when i see it... 3 years of unfulfilled promises.. Not that we haven't seen some KDF content.. but its certainly not very much compared to the fed content.

As for why we've been seeing so many more KDF players lately.. i can only guess that many fed players have so played out the fed content that they're now wanting to try the other side.

And yes, I've also noticed a lot more KDF players lately.. Qo'nos space is positivly crowded these days..

Maybe its because the KDF fleet starbases have things like fireplaces, bloodwine fountains, and orion Dancing girls doing the nerve tonic dance..

I know I can sit in the fleet bar for hours on end waiting for DOFF missions to complete watching the dancers.....(sigh!)

... could it be that simple?

KDF starbases have better decor, and a more fun bar life?.. Meh? could be!
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