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11-30-2012, 08:51 PM
There's ways to overcome the whale-ness of this bird, as mentioned earlier, RCS consoles, [turn] modified engines, etc.

However, the special abilities on this are meek, to say the least. My engineer's phaser lance averages 7k damage/pulse (2 pulses, 15k damage) on a 5 minute cooldown. My Vesta's deflector-phaser is rated 3.4k damage/pulse over 12 seconds (40.8k damage) on a 3 minute cooldown. If the lance is gonna stay in BO III damage ranges, then by all means give it a BO-length cooldown timer (1 min?) or boost it's base damage to 30k-40k per pulse base on 5 min cooldown so that it's doing about the same damage as the Vesta's guns (how can tricking a deflector to be a phaser be stronger than a dedicated heavy-artillery phaser?)

And the cloak? Hogs a console slot and isn't even "battle" grade, so the ship only enters cloak at rare opportunities and drops it at the drop of a hat. An upgrade, especially on this ship, to "battle" grade cloak would be useful, remember, it's ostensibly a "Federation" future cloak, not a hand-me-down from the Rommie Empire. I'd have asked for integration, but I can't think of a ship with both integrated cloak & integrated "wave motion cannon" type weapon...
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