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Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
If they were going to take aim at full energy builds, it might make sense to give tactical consoles diminishing returns (like resist consoles have). Encourage people to put a little bit of variation in their build.
Why do i have a feeling that the whole tactical field is just one broken and messed up area? I mean, there are no DR on using multiple tac consoles to weapons type, even TBR which is a science skill got boosted mad by tactical abilites until its fix. At this rate there is no point in rolling an engineer or a science captain (maybe with the exception for SNB) when tacs can boost a variety of skills across all 3 captain fields so extensivly.

Edit: IF the crit damage mod is the guilty one here, the devs needs to look into it as they failed to unveil the unforgiving damage TBR was making (This due to certain skils in the skilltree and tac boosts were quadrupeling the damage).

Im starting to wonder if the new trend is to use crtdamage x3 on your guns and compensate acc with the passive skills and the three consoles (borg, zero-point and tachyokinetic). If so this CAN result in serious gamebreaking numbers which will make any science and cruisers obsolete in pvp.
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