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What did that poor defenceless Snowman ever do to him? Pure cruelty at it's very lowest right there!
"I am Snowmanus of Borg. Your biothermal and technological distinctiveness will be extinguished by the chill of the collective. Resistance is futile, you will be popsicle-ized..."

Remember, we have involvement here by Q. Nothing he ever does is straight and normal. I expect no less than zombie snowmen that eat isolinear chips and your ship is rammed by the comet that's carrying these guys so they have a clear shot to your computer cores...
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Still at it. CBS "restrictions" fell by wayside with freebie Breen. Time to re-examine ENT and ToS at tier 5, repurpose the Connie into Sci and rebuild an Akira escort into the "NX". 6 "eras", spread evenly over all the classes...