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I like to recommend for consideration some sort of Starship Refit/Retrofit System like the Fleet System where we can spend Marks, ECs, Dilithium, Scanned Samples, Commodities, etc. to refit/retrofit lower tier starships in our personal inventory to the next tier.

Like the Fleet Ship Modules sold in the C-Store, a Refit/Retrofit Ship Module can be sold. The system would allow us to choose to add weapon slots, console slots, device slots, bridge stations, hull damage %, power %, etc. to starhips Tier 1 through 3 at least. Well, this is just an idea so those of us who are Vice Admirals can use an old favorite ship. It could also increase Vice Admirals to purchase lower tier starships offered in the C-Store that they haven't purchased already.

If you wanted to make this more exclusive we would have to use our Fleet Dry-docks, requiring one to actually be a member of a fleet. It can also only be a system exclusively available to Gold and Lifetime Members to increase the value for Free-2-Play players to subscribe.