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Originally Posted by chitowngrizz420 View Post
Question: Does anyone know if I go gold again does the that character slot that would have been there if i stayed gold reappear? or is it gone for good?
I currently have 7 active characters:

S'Leth and Koloth are in my "silver" slots...

Julin is in my "subscriber free, but took slot 1 of first upgrade" slot. Shara took the second of those 2 slots.

Annlova and Ardrian came from my second 2 slot purchase

And Shinflik (not in my sig, a toon that I started to wing with my son who I just started on F2P) exists because I'm "gold" from the 3mo/$30 plan - so I'd say that the gold slot comes back if/when you resub...
Yes, I'm going here. Iconic / "hero" ships, I'm talking Galaxy/Defiant/Intrepid here you TNG-era fans, get a T6 version, then ALL the hero ships (Connie, Miranda, NX, etc.) need one too. I'm a ToS fan, and proud of it. This is a themepark, let me enjoy my ride or none of us deserve one...