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It's gotta be the kazon for me. Totally unconvincing as a threat to Voyager.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Species 8472.

Yes, I really never liked them. ALL they were originally made for was:

1. To pussify the Borg (the first one of many times this would happen on Voyager)
2. To be a 'greater threat' (but this was easily tossed aside because of the ubership Voyager was)
3. To get 7 of 9 on the show.
I have to say I disagree with your points. I mean it's cool that you don't like them, I don't really care about that and you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm also not saying you're wrong for not liking them for those reasons, but from what you've written I just think you've got the wrong idea about 'Scorpion'.

Your first point stresses that the undine pussified the borg. I don't see this as a bad thing per se, but more to the point - they weren't really what the story was 'about' if you get me. They don't pussify the borg so much as present an outside context problem to the borg, in a similar way that the borg are an outside context problem for the Federation. The borg are still a threat, they just don't know how to handle Species 8472/the undine. And Voyager had some good fortune and also the talents of the Doctor towards Maguyvering a solution that the borg, by their nature, couldn't find by themselves.

Although the story for 'Scorpion' stressed that the borg were in dire straits, the borg were still the main antagonists in that two-parter (I'll get to this below) - the undine, I hate to say it, were almost Macguffins, which is a good enough reason to hate them I guess. They're not wholly Macguffins though, because they are more than a plot device, and the narrative gives us information that they're bad guys in their own right. That said, their motivations are left vague and barely explored - which is fine because, as I said above, the story isn't really 'about' them anyway.

Which leads me to your second point. While the undine were a 'greater threat', ultimately the story for 'Scorpion' is about Voyager vs the borg. Remember that after the teaser in part 1, we cut to the Voyager crew and them totally ignorant of the threat of the undine - THEIR main concern is to try to somehow navigate borg territory undetected. When the undine are revealed, there is still tension between Janeway and Chakotay with regards to dealing with the borg - the latter gives us the parable about the fox and the scorpion. Essentially the undine are the 'river' both the fox (Voyager) and the scorpion (the borg) have to cross.

In other words, yes they are an explicit and obvious threat, but it's really the nature of the borg's treachery that forms the drama for the story, typified by the whole uneasy alliance thing that forms the dramatic tension - remember that Chakotay and Janeway argue about whether it is a good idea to trust the borg, and when Janeway gets taken out of commission Chakotay takes matters into his own hands. By doing so, we discover that the borg were actually the aggressors against Species 8472, and that had they not attempted to invade their fluidic space, the undine may never have ever presented themselves as a threat at all to the galaxy.

To put that into perspective, it is the borg's actions that drive the plot forward, it is they who present another source of tension for the crew who aren't just preoccupied with dealing with the undine, and finally once the threat of Species 8472 is neutralised, the borg turn on Voyager immediately - which forms the climax for the story. This is the role of a villain in any story.

As for your third point, well... yeah, she had to be brought on the show somehow. Of course I quite like Seven so I don't really see this as a point against Species 8472.

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