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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Question will be if such high damage is reasonable. Should one be able to 2 or even 1 pop another ship with cannons? I dont care about trics, as they are targatable and can be dealth with. Secondly im curios if you hit a target with zip nothing resist. I was resisted, i checked it was up to 26% ish. Dunno if that is with or withiout accolades. But still i get nailed for freaking 17 and 18k dmg.
It sounds to me like you were debuffed to the point of being in negative hull resists. Irrc there are diminishing returns once your resists get into the negative, but still if you had Sensor Scan to strip the 26%, you still had APB on you and potentionally FoMM and disrupter proc driving you into the negative 30-50 (just a guess).

I don't know the damage calculation mechanics, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's determined partially by hull resists. In otherwords, if the based crit w/zero resists were 8-9k w/a nice GDF et al buffs and your hull resists were debuffed to the point of a large negative value I could see it doubling the damage to 18k.

Sci Team shoulda clear the Sensor Scan and TT the other debuffs.

With the rep system, skills, and borg console I know I'm at over 12% critH rate before any buffs and accounting for defense reduction (fyi the 3 part omega coulda reduced your defense rating if they got you w/that as well). So, it is something to keep an eye on. Just not sure if it's something that can happen often enough. Also, keep in mind there are repair options in the rep system based on CritH recieved.