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11-30-2012, 11:11 PM
Okay, everyone here knows I'm a BoP fiend (well, at least, anyone who can read my sig does...)

But, honestly? I suck at speccing ships and rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth and Thissler videos...

Here's what I got (because I bought me a Lifetime back in season 5...)

New Toon, Joined Trill Engineer (KDF, of course)

Just made 50 recently, picked out a shiny little B'rel Retrofit.

Said new toon has zip for STF gear because she was L35 or so on S7's opening day.

What I have available to put ON said B'rel (engines, shields, Deflector sets)

Breen Set

Jem'Hadar set.

Unlike my Tac, who can't shoot a torpedo to save her poor deluded life, this Engie is balanced with skills in both Torpedo and Energy, but will probably get a respec.

I'm not keen to muck about in STF or "Reputation" grinds with this one, at most her PvE will be Fleetmarks grinding and/or fleet actions, because I moved fleet to one that is somewhat less large and somewhat less active, but not run by a narcissistic lunatic as my last fleet was.

What I need:

Build Advice that recognizes this B'rel's going to be the primary ride of an Engineer, without STF goodies or pay-consoles, mostly because while I had her in a Vorcha, it wasn't as much fun to drive as a BoP is.

I'm looking to do casual PuGging in PvP and maybe some fun runs in Ker'rat with her, nothing terribly heavy or overly serious, but I don't want to be "Just this squish" either.
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