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I would like to start by saying I am new to writing on the forums I have read and commented on them but this is the first time writing a new thread so please bear with me.

I had this idea while cleaning my room and finding a huge bag of Lego bricks I thought why not make a STO ship with my own twist to make it unique and cool. so I created a ship that i think would be cool for the game. ill post pictures down below at the end of my writing.

The ship would be a mix of tactical and science, i know we have some of those all ready but do we have one that has a buff against Borg? while I was building the ship i was thinking of how in Star Trek armada 2 the Borg capture 2 Fed vessels one of those the Tonawonda sends vital information to the builders of this ship and they quickly outfit the ship with anti Borg tech. They do this because the ship is being built in the middle of three nebula's a tachyon nebula a lithium nebula and a anyon nebula (I'm not sure if the anyon nebula is in Star Trek lore my mind wandered lol) and the nebula's are located just inside the badlands and the Borg are seen there and they capture the Tonawonda thus sending it to assimilate the builders of this ship and the ship itself. hahaha that's why the ship would be a mix of tactical and science.

The ship would have 4 fore weps and 3 aft like a escort but have the science BOFF seating so commander science and a lieutenant commander tactical and ensign tactical and a lieutenant engineering or something of that manner.Its console slots would be as normal 4 tac 4 sci and 1 eng or if it was a special 10 console an extra eng console slot

so i hope somehow the cryptic team will see this and think "awww yeah this ship is awesome this has to be in the game". note * the ship only has ONE warp pylon but travels as fast as any other ship this Pylon changes from battle mode (down closer to hull) to sector mode (higher from hull) depending on location or situation.






please enjoy, and maybe if this gets enough attention and the Devs see it and like it maybe I will make more Lego ships? hahaha post comments below I'd love to hear your thoughts

- Torrus - (in game name pm me or email me in game if you like the idea @roboticzebra)

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