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So, now that Romulan Marks can be gotten from Winter's the guide for that.

To begin, this will ONLY be applying until the Winter Event ends in about a month. After that point, all of this will be undoable, at least until next year's Winter Event, should all this be included at that point.

Now then...

In Q's Winter Wonderland, there is only one way to get epohh tags: By running the competitive race, 'The Fast and the Flurrious'

The race happens 4 times an hour, on the :15 mark, the :22 mark, the :45 mark, and the :52 mark. So the races might happen at 1:15, 1:22, 1:45, and 1:52 PM for example.

The starting gate is up on a hill, starting from the same point as you would to go to the other race, but up hill, not down.

Even if you are alone, as long as you get there in time, the race will begin. I won't give any strategies, since you are guaranteed tags at the end regardless. If you get first place though, you will win 12 tags, 2nd place gets 6, 3rd will get 3, and anyone who doesn't place gets 2 guaranteed (as long as they hit the 'Finish' flag at the end).

Now, you will need 6 Winter Epohh Tags. Once you have them you will need to go to the Winter Epohh Researcher, who will let you do a DOFF mission. This mission has the same requirements as other ones, and all these DOFF missions take 1 day each to do.

Once you have finished the first DOFF mission, you will be rewarded right with an epohh pup. If you crit the mission, you can get a more 'fancy' epohh usually. Critting at any point will give you a fancier epohh, but the results are random. The basic color (snow, P'epohh mint, and Candy Stripe) are set in stone the moment you get the pup, but the 'fancy' add on is gotten on a crit success.

At this point it is just a matter of raising the epohh, same as the normal ones. The main difference is that you must use the GPL Conversion console to 'cash in' the epohh, and an Elder will bring you 100 or 200 marks for doing so.

Now, basic Elders (like a Snow Elder with no add-on) are only worth 100 marks, while fancier epohh elders from this are 200. So if you are wanting to gather as many marks as possible, critting these are much more important as compared to normal epohhs.

However, due to the ease of getting the winter tags, you can keep up a very good 'flow' of epohhs, by having multiple epohhs going, much like a conveyor belt in a factory, thus producing a considerable amount of marks over time.

A much shorter guide, but as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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