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It's not going to happen. They won't release anything like a fix because they're too busy putting more garbage on the store.

The TOS interior is probably the best one of all of them, and it's a mess. I called them on these things when they released the thing:

The main bridge is lop-sided. Check the consoles to port, then to starboard. You'll notice they're at different heights.

The ceiling is wrong. The Helm is HUGE and too high. Watch Balance of Terror. You'll see Kirk walk past in front of it, and it's about waist high. Here, it's head high.

Of course, I mentioned the BO assignments. My Doctor is always at the science station, engineer at the helm and my tactical officer is often not there at all.

The turbolift usually sends visitors plummeting through space instead of taking them to other decks.

The Crew deck is very nice, except for the TNG tricorders constantly squealing everywhere you go.

The lounge is now inhabited by crew from the wrong century, as you mentioned, as is the Conference Room.

The corridor should extend past sick bay, with a door into the lab at the far end (presently, you have to pass through sick bay to get to the lab).

The tables in Sick Bay are the wrong height. When seated, they are about head high.

Engineering Deck is also nice enough, but again there's the constant squealing of TNG tricorders.

Most damningly, there is a TNG engineer with a TNG tricorder IN engineering that never, ever turns it off or stops using it. It RUINS this room entirely.

The Engineering room is not the correct room. Ok, it's the first season engineering room. The more familiar one is the one from the Ultimate Computer, with the engineering office, and the dilithium chamber in the middle of the room.

The Engineering Lab is nice, except for the tricorders (again) and the TNG crew.

The Transporter room is the wrong shape, and does not have the monitor station behind and to the left of the console.

Additionally, the transporter platform is rotated too far clockwise, so you can't actually see all the pads from the console.

The back wall of the room is empty, when there should be a design there (not sure if it's a window or what).

That's just off the top of my head. It's things like this that make me question the competence of the developers. This is not rocket science. All the information you could possibly want is readily available anywhere on the internet. You can download BLUEPRINTS for heaven's sake. That they couldn't get something like this right suggests they don't care, or they're incompetent. I'm not sure which is worse.
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