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12-01-2012, 01:12 AM
I bought it just as i joined after f2p and leveled as this is one of my favorite canon ships and just love the spinal lance...but i never used it since then as it has so many drawbacks. the spinal lance beeing way to powerless is the biggest issue. that thing should be able to rip a borg sphere to pieces with one volley, and i dont think the gal-x wouldl be overpowered with that, because of high weapon drain and long recharge. hell, give it a shield drain when firing to make it even more balanced. but it needs more oomph

as for the seperation: how should this work? its a spinal lance, bould into the very structure of the ship and fed by the warp should it work when separating the saucer? theres no warp core left to power it. just give it moore oomph and dont make it seperate