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Originally Posted by tanadanat View Post
Much worse after the patch too
Same here, and before the last patch 30 november 2012, with one day earlier started, disconnected constantly (Server not responding....x seconds) after few minutes (is this a sign of an old, small capacity server ? when STO became free to play i had a ticket waiting to login in game with number 1026 or so lol)
I'm living in Europe and i've heard from someone else on DS-9 that european players have worst game stability issues.We have Euros and our Euro is much stronger than your Dollars lol (you might lose some nice euros buyers/players)
Worst game online STO, no wonder why the statistics (on or the web) of STO are going down..
It's like we are playing on a private server lol,bad connection,bugged items..where is the real PWE team, their games are stable,tested .
STO have potential, have some nice and funny parts but looks lile it is made in rush with these issues occuring often.

I don't have problems with other PWE games (PWI,BOI) or Allods online, 4Story..but playing STO is a pain not a relaxation.Soon i'm gonna test the new launched Planetside 2 (to bad on Planetside 2 there is a priority login for paying players..STO is using same service as Priority -login for gold players??? i don't pay to play unless ive tested the game enough to make me to decide to stay.)
So STO introduces back item drops in stfs and many other old things due to the players feedback but launches Priority-Login for gold players?
If you pay you're in,if you don't pay you're out ?
It's not funny STO lol ATARI did the same thing to Cryptic and sold them for ~56 mil. USD because
"Cryptic have caused the financially troubled Atari to lose an estimated $25 million over the past two years. Cryptic had also been working on the Dungeons & Dragons-themed online game Neverwinter for Atari, the fate of which is now unclear." .

May the best win (survive)

EDIT:Seems after the last login i've managed to stay online for more than 15 minutes..this is a RECORD over the last 2 days..very weird the game more stable now or it's due to this article post ? Anyways the game seems more stable
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