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12-01-2012, 03:18 AM
A little update as I made this mission for the second round, this time with a fresh and rested mind, and this time without any problem. Seemingly something during the second or the third part may have caused the aforementioned glitch as right now I played on a different path.

#1, I avoided all the Orion ships and the first part wasn't flustrating anymore. So the level of the difficulty is good. You just have to use your mind, something what I didn't do yesterday.
#2, This time T'Pal beamed out in the second part, without any glitch.
#3, In the third part yesterday I believe the problem was that I used the Depart System button on the hud instead of the Dialogue Depart System button on the left. Seemingly this is causing the mission failure as the Depart System Button near the map and the dialogue Depart System Button is giving two different results (Mission failed if you use the button near the map and Mission accomplished if you use the dialogue button depart.).