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12-01-2012, 05:20 AM
This is my test setup which exceeded expectations...

It has Retro Borg deflector and engine + KHG shield

3 single disruptor beams front and 1 single disruptor beam rear + 2 tricobalt mine launchers

This setup is with a Gorn Science Officer in the Fleet Varanus.

Tactical: TT1, Disperal Pattern Beta 1

Eng: EPS1, RSP1 and Eng Team 1

Science: Sci Team 1, Energy Siphon 1, Grav Well 1, CPB3
TTS1, HE2, HE3


Tact: 3 Disruptor XI

Eng Neutronium, Aceton mine, Repair Drone Console

Science: Particle Generators, Flow Capacitors, Shield Capacity console, Plasmonic Leach

This setup in PvE pretty much never gets a scratch and pretty much you get in close after you pop the grav well, hit CPB, Dispersal Pattern Beta, and watch this aoe explode a bunch of targets

Edit: Also the way i set this up is I felt the need to make sure I controlled when I start the beam fireing and when the mines launch so even if you try this setup for a tact you'll need to make sure you only fire the mines when you are close other than that its made me love playing the fleet varanus

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