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# 44 The poor neglected Gal-X
12-01-2012, 05:22 AM
Originally Posted by robeasom View Post
You say that the Devs promised you this you all know how they say one thing and do the other. Doubt you will ever see the saucer sep just like us KDF fans will never see another klingon mission in the games lifetime
Yea.... Just look at the full version description of the Spinal Lance ability, if you own this ship. It does mention a Wide Beam version for when the ship is saucer separated, that has a 5 KM range and a hits in a 25 degree cone. It hits for less damage than the lance too.
The point is, the ability is already in the game, the only thing keeping us from using it is the lack of the ability to use the Saucer sep console on the ship.

To those saying the Galaxy-X needs an overhaul, I agree. With Abilities like the Phaser Lotus and the Vesta's Quantum Field Focus Controller doing such crazy levels of damage in comparison to the Galaxy-X's lance (and the Guramba's), and also other various issues, such as the lack of ANY accuracy mods on the lance, a mediocre BOFF layout, a terrible base turn rate, and well, thats just the start. This poor old bird is showing her age. She may well need a bit of a rethink. As many have said:
Cannons + Terrible Turn Rate + Narrow Attack Range on the Main Special Ability of the Ship + Mediocre Tactical BOFF Layout = 1 Fail Tactical Cruiser
The Gal-X can be a good tank, but, if it as meant to be a tank, it shouldn't be able to mount cannons. Its supposed to be a War Ship.

I love the Gal-X from the show. Her appearance, though brief, was amazing. I only wish that the version in game did her justice.
I would also like to add that the Venture skin for the Gal-X is AMAZING!!!!

PS - For those who say they can make the Gal-X turn effectively by applying Battle Cruiser turn rate boosting techniques, you can, but it'll still be no where near as effective, as you're giving up too much due to the difference in base turn rate. Everything you do is modified by that, and Klingon Battle Cruisers at the Rear Admiral/Brigadier General rank have a 9 or 10 degree per second turn rate, to the Gal-X's 6. Yes, you can apply the same techniques, but no where near as effectively, as everything is a percentage improvement off the base turn rate.
Those 3 to 4 degrees makes a huge difference. Heck, the 2 degrees difference between the Excelsior and the Galaxy class ships is huge, using the same techniques. I know this for a fact because I tried with both the Galaxy and the Excelsior. Roach wrote an amazing post called "HOW TO: Make your Negh'var Battle Cruiser Turn on a Dime" that I followed to the letter, but the differences between a Negh'var's base turn and a Gal-X's are too different.
Additionally, back on the old Cryptic forums, I had a post on the theoretical Maximum turn rate you could get out of a Gal-X, with data like how much each additional RCS console would improve it, how Aux to Inertial Dampeners would affect it (with data at a couple of different AUX levels), how engine power factored in, as well as Evasive Maneuvers. Needless to say, the numbers weren't pretty, and can't compare to a T5 Battle Cruiser.