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12-01-2012, 06:15 AM
I would not recommend for or against it, as I do not command science ships in general. However, there are two things I did want to note:

* With the Vesta, you will need to have at least one pretty good science BOff, and you may have to do significant respecing in order to take advantage of it. Remember, Science has its own dedicated starship skill tree, and it's fairly expensive. I'm not sure which abilities use what, but I'm pretty sure if you're thinking of using things such as Gravity Well or Viral Matrix, you're going to need to sink a hefty chunk of points into it.

* In my experience with the Odyssey, the consoles for the set bonus are a nice boost. Some disagree with me and recommend using only one (or no) consoles from the Odyssey, but I would advise try it anyway. Of course, the Vesta and Odyssey are two different ships, so your mileage may vary, but as they're both "king of the hill" of their particular ship category, I imagine there are some similarities in design thinking on that particular aspect. That said, I do believe the Odyssey shines most with the three-pack, particularly due to how versatile it becomes for you to configure as you see fit.