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Hello mates,

First - english is not my mother tongue language so i am very sorry if there are any spelling errors.

I have a tactical Captain that successfully flies a Heavy Escort Carrier and
a Science Captain that actually flies an atrox carrier.

As i am interested in a Vesta (the 3-Pack Bundle) here are my questions regarding the tac captain:
  • - Is the tactical Vesta a good choice ?
  • - Is any of the escort-using tac captains here using a vesta and has some advice/experience to share ?
  • - Is it a good way to put all unique vesta-consoles of the bundle on one ship ?
  • - Would you recommend buying the vesta pack in order to use it on a tac captain ?

Regarding my science captain, the vesta would be a good fit, but my tac captain has the higher priority.

Thank you very much in advance.

Cestus Sephrax@ianluxor

I use it, and love it plus if you buy the bundle, you can mix up the look if you do not like it. it is basically the DPS variant of the three

I used to fly a fleet defiant, and changed from that to the Vesta, and I did not regret it, it is a versitile ship, you can even fly it like an Armitage (basically you give up a front weaopn for more CC). however if you wanna fly it like an escort, I would say stay on your armitage (I dont like that ship, that is why my choice is the aventine instead, plus I love CC )

if you buy the bundle (which I didnt, for me it wasnt worth it), they are pretty useful to use together. I would have problems chosing which one of my other consoles should I lose in favor for the vesta consoles, but together they give you some nice bonuses, so use them if you buy them

yep. I fly it on a sci and deal more DPS than an avg escort, so in a tac you could deal some serious dmg.