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12-01-2012, 07:47 AM
the 3 set bonus from the vesta is awesome. its pretty much the "holy crap were gonna die" avoiding button. i run all 3 in my sci section, with a field gen for extra sheild kick.

the phaser lance is a lil weak, but meh. the grav sheild and healing field will help keep your team alive alot longer.

also you can run 3 of the new AUX cannons that come with the vesta, there not limited to 1 per ship like the quad cannons. so i run all 3 forward, with advanced fleet turrents in rear. 3x phaser relays and my borg console. i run the tachynetic console(more crit chance, plus turn bonus) and 1 hull plating (parametalic, elctrosceramic or dibernum as per mission) in engy slot

you will lose some dps, as you only have the 3 forward slots instead of 4. so i dont bother with a torp, but with omega set i get the extra sheild depelting bonus. you could also run a dual beam bank if you want to use subsyetm targeting thats comes with it.

all in all for me it was worth it,