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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
I always thought of a bug as a coding error. Some phenomenae that was never intended. It could be something benign as a graphical glitch. Something annoying as a broken mission that cannot be completed. It can also be gamebreaking and potentially reproduceable under certain conditions, bypassing the perameters of the normal mechanics that might give a player an unfair advantage.

An exploit, imo, is when something in the game that is working as intended but has an unintentional adverse effect when stacked or combined with other abilities and items, resulting in an unforseen performance well above and beyond than they should, giving the player a knowingly unfair advantage with no drawbacks or counters.
So, by your definition, using tric mines with DPB is an exploit? The argument that tric mines have a counter does not apply since your definition is "no drawbacks or counters" to the COMBO of using dispersal pattern and tric's.

Edit: I suppose you could say that snb or snb doff proc could strip the DPB buff off before you lay out the mines, but that's a pretty weak argument. It's no better of an argument than you could use snb against someone who has multiple commander Boff slots, therefore voldie can be countered

By your definition, if a player taking advantage of a bug that creates a grossly OP mechanic isn't "exploiting", exactly what DO you call it?

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