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12-01-2012, 08:49 AM
useless?? to you it seems so... and for escorts i would not see this weapon being of any bonus to any escort build worth anything. i do however see this as a good sci or cruiser weapon. using it in place of a torpedo tube not in place of an energy weapon makes the most sense to me.

calm your rage those of you who are haters. if you buy and equip things without even reading the tooltip i doubt your dps will notice any drop at all. those of you who likewise just equip something because the name sounds cool will see the same result. anybody performing at top level dps would have taken the time to research the weapon decide if it is a better piece or not and acted on that research.

people who just like to whine and complain because they did both of the first two potions above will make forum posts that are floating from the volume of QQ tears.