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12-01-2012, 09:58 AM
1.) A "Starbase Dashboard" for fleet leaders. We can see who withdraws and deposits from the fleet bank, but we cant see who has purchased gear, items, starships and weaponry from fleet stores. It helps to see if someone is buying all the gear. How bout a screen for fleet leaders to monitor some key things like this.

2.) Battle Targs! We can upgrade and modify Epohhs on New bout Targ breeding on Qo'noS, give the KDF some fun and put the Targ Pits to use. You can buy a pup from the Z-store, (or earn it some way) and maybe you can breed the thing up to a battle pet.

3.) How bout that Klingon Knife they are so famous was good enough to kill Kirk's son it should be good enough to be in the game.

4.) New Romulas...Epohh Fields...There is a pink alien reasearcher with a tail (look for him) bout the ability to giving the players that ability?