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12-01-2012, 11:14 AM
The sad truth to all this is even though there is a demand for KDF specific content we will never really get it.

They have added a few ships and costumes to make money from the few members of the faction but otherwise they don't seem too interested. Each season there is mention of KDF content and each season we don't get it.

Also its well known that the devs don't really pay much attention to what their fanbase are saying. They may well act on a few topics that are brought up on the monthly question time but mostly it is responded with 'we are aiming to get this put in'.

I have huge respect for D Stahl and I think he somewhat rescued STO from Zinkeveich's (sp) reign, unfortunately Atari being the horrible people that they are threw the company into the hands of PWE which has been the worst thing for STO since its creation. Each update im continuously finding more of a reason to dislike the game due to its infatuation with scamming its playerbase.

I only hope they stick true to their words of KDF content appearing in season 8.

Having said all that we all know that the KDF content will only be a copy/paste so im unsure as to whether its worth adding it at all.