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1). Yes. When you cilck contribute, you get a slider to adjust how much you want to give. Same with most inputs, exceptions being data samples and duty officers. Data samples you get a list of all your samples in inventory or bank, with a slider on each one. Duty officers you get a list with checkboxes, and you select all the ones you want to contribute.

2/3). All fleets have starbases, as well as New Romulus embassies, but they're all through the same "door" so there's no clutter. All fleets access their starbase through the Starbase system in the Eta Eridani sector block. The Federation one is at the bottom-left of the block, Klingon at the top-right. When you enter that system, you're sent to your fleet's starbase exterior, and can beam down to its interior.

Likewise with the embassy - every fleet's embassy is through the doors at the top of the stairs at the north end of the New Romulus staging area, or by beaming down from orbit.

In both cases, you can only see another fleet's holdings by invite from a member.

For fleet missions, the holding you see is either the one belonging to a random member of the group (if it's a pug) or the queue owner's (if it's a private queue).

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