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12-01-2012, 11:24 AM
If you're in a large fleet, I'm sure plenty of people there would be happy to provide you with answers to all the questions you have about the game and the fleetbase in particular. Afterall, that is what fleet members should do, help one another with the game.

Having said that, here's the answers to your questions:

1) How can I contribute a set amount of dilithium to certain projects without donating all the dil I have?
When you click contribute, you can use the slider to donate theamount you wish, you don't have to donate all of it. The slider is not extremely precise, but does the work.

2) Where is the information as to where my fleet starbase is?

You fleet base is located in the Eta Eridani Sector, once there click M to see your map (or system list) and locate it, I think it's called Federation Starbase (or something like that)

3) Do all created fleets all have different starbases??? Wouldnt that mean tons of starbases everywhere?? That doesn't sound right.
Yes, and No. All fleets have a starbase, but they're all at the same location. All starbase are the same model, but some have unlocked features (visual display, bank access, stores, etc.).