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Originally Posted by dolphoenix View Post
This launcher update problems is way past time to be fixed.
I actually pay to be subscribed to this game mainly to show my support.

I shouldn't have to search on the forums for the latest game.exe.

I shouldn't have to put a third party program (hotspot) on my computer to play something I pay for.

After reading all the posts, and the "help" .. it's pretty obvious what the problem is.

Some where at the game servers, they have several ranges of IP addresses blocked, for whatever reason.

That's why you need a vpn to access the game (poorly).

If they feel it's necessary to just do a blanket block of addresses without consideration for their customers (PAYING customers), then they obviously don't want my business.

December will be my final payment. I suggest others do the same. Maybe THAT will get their attention.
Read the post right before yours. I'm guessing either some overzealous network administrator or firewall software is blocking ranges of the last octet due to people trying to hack the system instead of individual IPs (Probably assuming whoever is doing something has access to more than one IP in the range), and we just got caught up in it.

Every ISP is going to have access to more than that, though, since only 252 devices at most can live in the space of that last octet. If you get a new one from your ISP, there's a very good chance it'll fall outside of the blocked range.

Is it an inconvenience? Sure, but then, so is trying to contact Cryptic/PerfectWorld and trying to get the phone support people (who are experienced in helping end users) to believe that the problem is on Cryptic's side and not yours (spoiler: They won't) and that they need to escalate it to the networking team. After all that, there's very little chance they'll do anything about it, and you'll up back at square one. It makes zero sense to take that route because it's far more work on your part with likely very little payoff. Try convincing ANY company that they should become more lax in their network security policies, no matter how unreasonable those policies are, and see how far you get.

Seriously, just get a new IP. Unless you're running a successful ecommerce website out of your home and the downtime will impact your revenue stream, or have a lot of preconfigured clients logging in via VPN, 99.999% of people won't notice any change at all. In fact, your ISP network troubleshooting support will be THRILLED that you know exactly what you want to do. It's super easy for them, and they can also be confident the voluntary procedure you're asking them to do won't break anything.

I jury-rigged my cell phone to feed another IP to my network for testing purposes and was able to get STO to run that way too, but this is way easier, cheaper, and more permanent.

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