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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Oh, how do I miss /c (/check) from my FFXI days. Always got a laugh from some setups.
IF people would read the forums and check the ship setups and setup guides there wouldn't quite be so much problem.

But instead they say, 'I'm in Middle School therefore I KNOW how to set up my ship even though I just downloaded the game yesterday and cant see through the brim of my hoodie.'

Or worse yet you suggest they read the forums to help correct their setups and they say, 'Read?'

Oh Yea, I saw a KDF charactor in a CSN running tetryon and plasma beams and three different cannon types. He was protecting the Kang alone and lost the optional even though the rest of us were killing most of the Borg BOPs at the spawn points.

I typed quickly 'If you'd loose those rainbows we wouldn't have lost the optional.'

He said, 'I'm not running Rainbows.'

I said 'Ok, fine then... Skittlebows.'

Nothing more was said.

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