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12-01-2012, 12:21 PM
The Bortasqu can do many things better except turn. The tac Bortasqu with 5 tac consoles has more firepower in pve since you dont need to turn good to hit with DHC, and has the abilty to do a massive decloaking alpha strike using the autocannon, this can result in near instant kills in pvp. Unfortuantley the Bortasqu has to use 180 degree single cannons or beam arrays in pvp due to turn rate but still does a lot of damage dut to the tac consoles.

The command bortasqu has 1 less tac console but gets 1 more sci console then tac bortasqu, and is only KDF cruiser with sensor analysis so its damage can really pile up more then the Torhkat or Ktinga also over time.

I dont care much for the War Bortasqu but I suppose it can be a better hull tank with the 5th eng console and still have lots of firepower to.

I recomend either tac or command bortasqu or the 3 pack if you can handle the turn rate, someplayers hate it. If you have ever piloted a carrier and dont mind its low manuverabilty then Bortasqu is for you as you get a ship with more tankiness and firepower and universal boffs.