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Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
This is one of the possibilities for a ship I been thinking on getting for my Eng Capt. However I am not yet sure which one. The Excelisor Refit, Galaxy Refit, Galaxy-X, or Odyssey. I been kinda holding out some to see if the Ambassador comes out for STO.

If it is a choice betweent the galaxy X and other federation cruisers, I would not recommend getting the Gal-x. vs.

With the odyssey tactical you have a better hull, 1.15 shield modifier compared to 1 for the X, 2.5 times more crew, a lt commander station and ensign station that are universal for better customization, the odyssey also has an additional science console slot as well for a total of 10 console slots.

Both ships have the same turn and impulse speed, however the odyssey does have a slightly worse inertial rating.

Of course the biggest advantage the X has is the phaser lance, Which is a built in ability not a console. This is very nice as you don't have to waste a console slot. It hits hard, but not that hard, plus the cooldown makes it kind of a bummer. The cloaking device is nice and added with the phaser lance allows for a nice alpha strike against unsuspecting targets. Of course the cloak is a console slot so it can be compared to the tactical odysseys Aquarius escort. The other selling point of the x being the only fed cruiser to use cannons. The gain is basically a wash as the speed and maneuverability of this ship makes cannon use highly unrecommended. You'll most likely have higher dps by using beams to always fire at your target compared to the dps loss from maneuvering your ship to line up to your target.

The galaxy X is a nice ship, I bought one back in the day, and sometimes I take her out for a spin now and again as it's fun to fly the legendary galaxy ship from all good things. But, after the release of the odyssey and the vesta the ship is starting to fall behind. If your funds are limited and you want a good fed cruiser I'd go with the incredibly capable odyssey.

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