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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
Cryptic Cryptic Cryptic...learn how to balance a game thats actually fun. One shot kills are the laziest programming ever. And NOT FAIR!

I know other species have them but this is mainly talking about the Borg. You want to make them as tough as Wolf 359? Ok, Im good with that. Make Tactical Cubes as tough as Wolf 359, needing at least 4 strong ships or 5 average ships to take down one after 4+ minutes. Make average cubes go down with 3 strong ships and 4 average.

But the one shotting is ridiculous. STOP IT NOW! Heres my ideas to replace Borg one shot weaponry. Make Borg weapons more science in nature, and make having a science ship in the fleet to counter those weapons very valuable without it needing to have antiproton weaponry.

Space idea #1: Death Ray. Something like the Planet Killer, that can go through 100% shields and drop 25000 hull. Maybe its ok to one shot smaller ships in its way, and big tanks can limp away from it at 15% hull. But like the Planet killer, make it obvious when its charging up so we can have time to not be in its line of sight. So for that side of the cube, keep your eye on the newly mounted death star weapon.

Space idea #2: Make all ships need to play like escorts against Borg, needing to come in, unload and get out of close proximity. Why do all ships need to get away after one minute? Because now the Borg employ a radiation protection field around them extending out 10k (but it cant stay up forever). But to counter this, the new Vesta line Fermion Field can cancel this out. So if a Vesta shows up, all the fleet ships need to get inside the protective bubble of the Fermion field as they enter the radiation field of the cube. Fermion field only lasts so long, so the ships will need to get back out or staying longer than a minute kills a ship from radiation.

Space idea #3: Borg employ a quicksand protection field instead of individual tractor beams (not active at the same time as the radiation field). The multidimensional graviton shield can escort in fleet ships to stay immune to the quicksand effect. The fleet has to stay inside the field to maintain normal movement. Entering into the Borg quicksand field is still tricky, because the Vesta needs to monitor where the death star weapon is mounted on the cube and make sure the cube doesnt slowly spin around and light the fleet up. A science ship captain needs to play mother hen protecting her fleet from the Borg using its big devices on them.

Space idea #4: For the Borg spheres, have a guillotine laser around the fattest part of the sphere wrapping all the way around. When you see it charge up, you need to get well above or below the sphere, because being on the same plain as the sphere will get you CUT by its laser as it spins around quickly gashing up ships within 10k of it.

But but KDF dont have Vesta ships! Well, give them equal Vesta line abilities too on a new KDF 3 pack ship and call them something else, make them look different, but provide the same effects.

The modo here is yeah, make the Borg tough, but a whole fleet shouldnt lose even one ship if all their captains keep their ship positioned properly and use better strategy before it engages a cube. Every ship in the fleet dying 3+ times is NOT STAR TREK. Get AWAY from that foolish philosophy of yours where we need to die and respawn multiple times to take down a big enemy. Make the enemies dangerous, but make death avoidable, where you HAVE to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee to take down Borg enemies (and others), and the foolish Captain that just stays still or tries to storm straight up the middle of the beaches of Normandy without help and tactics gets killed.

For all the players, please sign this petition to eliminate lazy one shot kill programming, and if you have ideas to make the Borg more challenging and fun, yet very fair, please include ideas here. And/or support mine too
wow, horrible stuff.

the only things that need to change are the insane normal plasma torpedoes that do up to 50k damage, and the fact that the borg do not in any way employ sensor scramble, viral matrix, subsystem targeting and particle bursts.

cut the pure op damage, hring in the cc for the borg.