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12-01-2012, 01:52 PM
I just did my math. I'll check over it later to be certain.

All cannon build escort

1) xxxx-APB1-CRF2-CRF3
---xxxx-APB1-TT3 W/ 2x purple TT doffs


2) xxxx-TT2-CRF2-CRF3
---xxxx-TT2-APB2 w/ 3x AP 15 doffs


3) xxxx-TT2-CRF2-APB3
---xxxx-TT2-CRF2 w/ 3x AP 15 doffs


4) xxxx-TT2-CRF2-APB3
---xxxx-CRF1-TT3 w/ 3x AP 15 doffs


5) xxxx-CRF1-CRF2-APB3
---xxxx-APB1-TT3 W/ 2x purple TT doffs

Calculating the dmg % gained from BO abilities without factoring in APB, the best extra damage delivered for 40 seconds out of every 60 seconds are as follows, top to bottom:


After calculating betas into the mix, which is where it gets hard for me but I just went with a guaranteed 20 seconds out of every 60 seconds being active on one target, the overall winners for all cannon build is as follows:

1 - 180%
2 - 178%
3 - 178%
4 - 174%
5 - 170%

As we can see #2 and 3 are exactly the same DPS boost. 1 is just barely a winner. 4 doesn't lose too bad and 5 is the worst boost.

When it comes to APO1-3 I didn't feel necessary to calculate. They are a max of 25% damage boost for about 30 seconds every minute. It clearly is behind for DPS but is useful for it's other perks.

Finally, looking at the above and assuming it is not fuzzy math, it would be logical to presume that with a torp build x1 you can look at the first example:

xxxx-APB1-TT3 W/ 2x purple TT doffs

change it to the following:

HY1-APB1-TT3 W/ 2x purple TT doffs

And throw on 3x purple torp doffs for max dmg with torpedo 1x 3x cannon DPS. But not necessarily true. Looks pretty obvious from the first glance but I'll be uncertain until I look at the various setups between BO abilities involving torps to be sure. For now, it appears TT3 has great potential for the all cannon, rapid fire build.

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