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12-01-2012, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
all I have to ask is who the hell cares if its a bug OR an exploit... you are all just dancing around with semantics, and arguing just for the sake of the argument... the voldy bug is fixed again... until they screw something up again in the future but until that day.... please stop whining that its a bug, or an exploit its currently fixed get over yourselves...
First off, its kind of funny to argue with e1 to stop arguing for the sake of argument, then saying to get over yourself.

Second, for me, it has nothing to do on whether its a bug or exploit. It has to do with the consistency that cryptic is showing on how they run their game. At one time, they would ban people for talking about a bug that created the same issues of having extra boff powers available to use. This time around we're told to enjoy your extra boff's. Then, we're told that simply reporting that the bug exists isn't good enough, but that we the customer have to track down "how" to reproduce it in order for them to fix it and post it so the devs can trouble shoot it. Then we're told that posting how to reproduce a bug is against forum rules.

confused yet? Thats the issue I have. How are we supposed to even know what is acceptable and what isn't, much less where the boundaries of the rules they inconsistently enforce are?