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Originally Posted by hawkwing43 View Post
Back to my idea for a hot second. I total forgot about the space Elevator idea, but I always felt it counldn't be done. Then again with the weather balloons we use, and it's been shown they can lift a person safely, then why not use this as the start to getting people up to the edge of space. Then you can use a drone to fly around at that level to move the balloon to the life line, then up you go the rest of the way from that point. The drone can be on it's own balloon system, that way you can't use up a ton of fule to fly it around the 2nd balloon to move it around the area. This might be the start of any space Elevators in the early years. Might work but we still need to get the main piece up by rockets for now, then once we have the platform in orbit, you can do the space Elevator ideas.

Why move people into space?

Like it's been said:

1. Factory type production is one main plus.
2. Shuttles to other space stations in orbit from the platform
3. Launch point to the moon and or other planets
4. The Ultimate Sight Seeing location.

There is so much that can be done with this idea. If we use the money we waste every year, we could have been on the moon with a colony by now. Why put a colony there? Well that's a great spot to mine or even just make a hotel lol . I think it would be a great vacation spot.
This is actually a really interesting idea.

You could even pair weather balloons with reusable craft - something easier to build without the need for strong booster rockets to break through the stratosphere.