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12-01-2012, 02:21 PM
If you are mainly doing pvp and don't mind slow turning, the bortasqu' tactical cruiser is your best friend. 5 tactical consoles boosting dual heavie cannons and turrets plus the autocannon, can shred most ships, tractor beams also help, i use the borg tractor beam and another in my science station and have little trouble killing in pve or pvp.
So many people have been scared away from this ship because they haven't the perseverance to put up with the turning to see what it has to offer, which is a huge amount of damage, and average tanking.

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And the cloak is pointless, since your enemy can still see you 20 km out even with it on.
This was true months ago, but now the claok is similar to mask energy signature 3, so you can be seen at around 6km, so it isn't that bad.

Overall i'd recommend this as a tactical cruiser, an eng or a sci doesn't fit the battleship role well in my experience.Hope this is helpful