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12-01-2012, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by ariseabove View Post
Already done mate, how much cash have you got and you can go into space yourself with out a rocket.

While only the rich can use it at the moment given enough time and other space ports built the price should go down so every one can have ago well hopefully anyway.
What there is, is a tarmac in the desert. Nothing more, nothing less.

And even if that tarmac did what the hype says it is intended to do, it still relies on rockets to go up, and it still relies on methods that are inherently inefficient. There isn't enough fuel in the world for everyone to go up that way.

Private space launch is pure hype. Appeals to greed and wishful thinking won't make the difficult easy. Greed conjures up dreams of the free lunch and that is privatized space travel.

No - conquering a new frontier requires heroism and sacrifice...the least of which is opening our wallets a bit. Taxes. No one wants to pay them because they're unsexy but they are what opened the door to the moon and will continue to push forward should we find the will.