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12-01-2012, 03:15 PM
As others stated, these ships have what you need to survive, if that is all you want to do. The Oddy and Bortas are good cruisers for their intended purpose and can pack some firepower, especially the Bortas' big gun. However, the problem is with the ability that you are not concerned with... maneuvering. No matter how much hull you have, if an enemy can just sit in your 6-position and plink away your shields and then your hull, then you are not going to survive. The maneuvering is what makes good ships in STO great ships in PvE (end-game) and PvP. I have both ships, mothballed the Oddy for a Fleet Heavy Cruiser (and probably will get the Tier 5 Advanced HC), and I will do the same with the Bortas when my fleet can get the Tier 5 Negh'var (this ships can turn and survive, as oppose to survive and hope to survive a little longer).

It all depends on whether you want a big whale with a thick skin or a ship that can give as much as it can take. If the latter then go Fleet Negh'var.