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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
The thing is though, we aren't the main damage dealers. We're the support pressure damage. Emphasis on support. Yes, I know in canon the cruisers were the lords of space, with their massive phaser arrays laying down the law in the name of the UFP, but alas, it's not that way in this game. And if it was, your Excelsior would probably be a heck of a lot weaker than it is XP.

But I would support the passive weak nadion inversion on cruisers. But if we're going into what they may/may not need, I would also vie for a passive threat generation bonus on cruisers, AND increased innate accuracy of BAs. Not by much, maybe 5% for the accuracy, and maybe the equivalent of the first 3 points in TC. As for the passive nadion, maybe a 25% decrease in energy consumption. If that's too much, then reduce it to 20%. I would actually settle for 10% tbh.

Do that (and the universally agreed on +2 turn rate increase), and I think a LOT of these kinds of threads would die overnight. Also, with just these tiny bonuses/changes, you would not infringe upon escorts or science ships. At all.

A 5% bonus accuracy is no small bonus on top of what Mod the mark level and rarity will add to the mix. All [Acc] +10% beam arrays become +15%, so on and so on.
I could actually agree with that if all cannons got a inherent +2.5% bonus to DPV.

I even agree on the +2 turn rate and inertia buff for Cruisers, and a +1/ no inertia buff for battle cruisers.

New tier 1 to tier 3 beam Fire for Effect (crf similiar) abilities.
New cannon overload abilities for tier 2 to tier 4.

Heavy beam arrays added to games option of weapons.

And the low engine power zero-axis changes I spoke of else where in this thread that allow the Cruiser to spin on its on axis better.
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