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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
A 5% bonus accuracy is no small bonus on top of what Mod the mark level and rarity will add to the mix. All [Acc] +10% beam arrays become +15%, so on and so on.
I could actually agree with that if all cannons got a inherent +2.5% bonus to DPV.

I even agree on the +2 turn rate and inertia buff for Cruisers, and a +1/ no inertia buff for battle cruisers.

New tier 1 to tier 3 beam Fire for Effect (crf similiar) abilities.
New cannon overload abilities for tier 2 to tier 4.
All back this all the way

Heavy beam arrays added to games option of weapons.
This if they can broadside, otherwise you're adding another weapon to the game that will never be used
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